ARZOO INTERNATIONAL FZE is a state of the art terminal with full Tank farm Automation system, caters to the storage, handling and blending requirements of its clients and is designed for multi-berth discharge and loading operations to maximize throughput capacity for its clients. Located at close proximity to Inner Harbor berth no:2, ARZOO has become one of the biggest as well as busiest onshore storage & dispatch terminal in Hamriyah Free Zone ,Sharjah, U.A.E with a storage capacity of 90,000 CBM.


Hanan Shipping (LLC) is a part of Bakhit Group that owns, manages and operates oil tankers of different sizes. Being the owner of tankers ranging from sizes 1000MT to 30,000MT, trading with petroleum products like fuel oil, gas oil and gasoline within the Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, East of Africa & Arabian Sea becomes fast moving.Following are the list of vessels currently owned under Bakhit Group.


ARZOO TRADING plays a pivotal role in the growth and upbringing of the company. We have active trade roots to entire Persian Gulf, North East Africa, Red Sea, Arabian Sea and Europe. Along with its field of activities in Logistics and Storage, Arzoo trading have achieved exponential growth heights during the last two years. Unlike the business minded traders in the region, we maintain integrity in our business as well as help to cater the places where petroleum is in great need. The major products that we deal are: